ATM Processing Explained

Whether you already have ATM Processing or are just starting in the ATM Business, ATM Depot can help. We’ll unlock the secrets of ATM Processing so you can be successful with your ATM machines.

ATM Depot specializes in ATM processing. There is no magic to processing ATM transactions or running your own ATM Business, it’s all about the numbers and we’re here to support you. Give us a call and we’ll not only let you know if we think you have a good location but we’ll let you know what you can expect to make from ATM processing with your Machine.

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When ATMs first became popular in retails stores, they were designed to do processing via a standard analog dial-up operation via a phone line, however, most ATMs now come equipped with an RJ45 Jack for Ethernet ready connections to an ISP (internet Service Provider) for processing. And now, wireless devices are available that makes the need for a phone line a thing of the past.

  • Processing ATM transactions via our new wireless system gives you remote processing capability for any ATM anywhere. Now you can turn most late model ATM Machines into a Mobile Cash Machine. Install an ATM in an enclosed trailer (ask us to tell you how), bring them to fairs and weekend events. You can set up an ATM Machine where phone service was previously unavailable. Simply ask us if wireless device services are available in your area for ATM processing, the monthly cost is less than the cost of a monthly phone line.

The Ethernet connection on ATM machines also allows retailers with Internet service to process ATM transactions without adding a phone line or a wireless device. This saves the additional monthly phone line expense so processing internet transactions are fast (under 8 seconds) compared to processing phone line transactions which can typically take at least 20 seconds to complete before the machine dispenses cash.  Internet transaction processing is a great option for busy ATM locations.

The typical ATMs you see in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, night clubs and all over the US are considered Free Standing ATM Machines and all can be setup with ATM Depot processing services regardless of where you purchased your equipment. Some of the popular brands from the late 1990’s through today have been:

Hyosung Halo-s
  • Triton ATM Machines – (equipment and ATM processing available)
  • Tranax (formerly Cross), Now owned by Hantle Manufacturing and called Hantle ATM – (Equipment and ATM processing available)
  • WRG ATM Machines – (ATM processing available for certain models)
  • Nautilus Hyosung – (ATM Equipment and processing available)
  • Hyosung Halo II – one of the most popular late model ATM’s
  • GenMega (ATM Equipment and processing available)
  • Tidel ATM Machines – (no processing available, no longer compliant)
  • Tidel ATM was purchased by NCR
  • NCR Discontinued the product line
  • Do not purchase used Tidel ATMs as they are no longer compliant.

If you have an ATM and would like to switch your ATM processing to you can earn up to 110%* of your surcharge fee. Switching your processing is easy. The fastest way to get started is by calling us at 888-959-2269, or for a no obligation quote.

We also offer a unique service that allows ATM owners and operators the ability to process transactions originally designed for leased line operation to use dial-up communications with a special Dial-up Interface or the ability to convert them to wireless processing. If your ATM is still using leased line Processing and your ATM is compliant with all the latest ADA requirements and you would like to inquire about using newer processing technologies with lower fixed operating costs for the owner, enhanced flexibility and expanded market opportunities give us a call.

For remote sites our processing center can also support alternative communications using VSAT, ISDN, CDPD, IP via internet, and ATM Cellular wireless Gateway communications. The following list illustrates terminals certified with our processing center. If you own any of the following dial up ATM equipment you can process with us an earn up to 110%* of your surcharge fee. Click here for a complete list of ATM’s

Converting Leased line ATM Machine Processing to Dial-up or Internet

The Dial-up Interface has been used for decades, but with a controller that connects an ATM designed for leased-line operation to a processing host computer over a standard dial phone line you can eliminate the high cost of a dedicated leased line and the capital investment in modems, which dramatically improve unit profitability.

Proprietary technology, initially released in 1995, has undergone substantial refinement and supports ATMs nationwide. Its advanced design includes features that alert the processor, acting as host, when operational malfunctions occur in the ATM, lowering downtime. The following Lease Line ATMs are supported for processing at lower costs.

  • NCR
  • Fujitsu
  • Diebold

ATMs must be programmed for Diebold 911 emulation and Burroughs TC500 protocol to take advantage of lower processing fees.

Accounting and Management Reporting

The ATM processing center operates an extensive settlement and accounting system that assures prompt, accurate delivery of funds to the owner of the ATM as well as detailed monthly processing reports. Processing reports are done down to the transaction level on a daily basis via the Internet.

Real Time ATM Monitoring

You can login to a secure area to see your ATM processing in real-time to check transaction, balances, and more. A separate monthly merchant statement is also sent electronically at no additional charge which breaks down all the processing  details for the month.

The management reporting and residual accounting for all transaction processing is designed to support multiple-party revenue sharing among merchants and other business partners when needed.  This means that if you have one or more ATMs processing transactions and you need to pay more than one person or entity from the processing income, we can do that for you at no additional charge.

Real-Time Processing with Online Monitoring Included

Our ATM Portal provides fast and convenient access to real-time ATM transaction processing information. This online information delivery tool was created exclusively for our ATM processing customers. Via a secure real-time ATM monitoring link, all customers can now enjoy seeing live processing information. View daily and monthly terminal reports, view real-time transaction processing, review and research inquiries and download processing data into customized reports. All available 24 x 7 x 365.

If your ready to get started processing ATM transactions and make more money?