WRG ATM Machines

get_startedWRG ATM machines are reliable and affordable. WRG was founded in 1989 as a coin operated music and game operator. The founders, Mike Stevenson and Jim Penza, knew that success in the ultra-competitive ATM industry depended on the ability to operate very efficiently. Having come from the coin operated music and game operator business they knew that in order to operate efficiently the ATMs had to be reliable.

ATM Machines out of service were simply too costly and by focusing on utilizing a single component for both the ATM CPU, Screen & Mag swipe reader it would make repair as easy as a credit card terminal swap.

All of WRG’s ATM’s include their PHX-1000 Central Processing Unit (CPU). And are designed for service. Using a simple modular system architecture the WRG ATMs are engineered with four modular components. All components are housed with a secure business service vault.

The four components are the CPU, the cash dispenser, the printer and the power supply. These components are designed to be field-replaceable, with a minimal amount of training. No formal certification is required to maintain WRG ATMs.

If you’re looking for a simplistic low cost, no frills ATM, call us now about the options WRG offer today.