[VIDEO] Father and Son Find an ATM while Hunting in the Great Outdoors

Definitely not the best place to put an ATM.  We seriously doubt someone actually tried to install an ATM machine in the woods; no real reason you’d need cash while trying to Bag a Deer.  The father and son hunting team from Pennsylvania were surprised to spot a “blue smurf” aka older Triton ATM machine when they ventured out to go deer hunting.

According to sources, this was Aden Reich’s (11 years old) first hunting trip. Aden’s keen eye site (great for hunters) spotted the unknown odd device in the middle of a field while hunting with his dad, John Reich.  At first he told his dad he though there was a giant tomb stone in the field but upon further inspection they recognized it was an ATM.

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These people are all lined up at the ATM. We did not expect this to happen!

People Lined up at an ATM