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How an ATM Business Creates Residual Income

Here’s a four-second finance tip: if you want more spending money, you need to create residual income.

If you’re not sure exactly what that means, we’ll help you out. But—spoiler alert—an ATM business will help you create residual income if you build it right. This is how it works.

Residual income vs passive income: What’s the difference?

We’ve talked about using an ATM business to create passive income before. But, passive income and residual income aren’t quite the same thing. Though, they are related.

Passive income

Passive income is money that you earn through an asset or a business that requires very little ongoing effort.

Income from an ATM business is an excellent example of passive income because it takes very little time, effort, and energy to keep the ATM up and running once you get it setup. Your ATM machine just sits there and makes you money, while you do other things.

That’s a textbook example of passive income.

Residual income

Residual income is different. The term “residual income” is a bit misleading, because it’s technically not income.

Residual income is money that you have left after subtracting all of your debts and expenses. It doesn’t matter if that money is from a passive income stream or from a full-time job. But, passive income is the best way to create residual income.

Creating residual income

In personal finance, there are two ways to create more residual income:

  1. Get paid more for what you do.
  2. Add additional sources of income.

If you only earn money by doing work as an employee, there’s a cap on both of these methods. There’s probably a top end of how much you can get paid for doing your job. And, because you have to spend a certain number of hours every day at work, you can also only take on so many jobs.

So, traditional labor isn’t an ideal way to build residual income.

Adding passive income streams is a much better way to build residual income. A passive income source, like an ATM business, won’t interfere with your full-time employment. But, it adds income on top of your full-time salary.

Ideally, income from just one source should cover all of your debts and expenses. It’s best if your passive income pays all your bills. That way, any time you invest in making money is pure spending money.

But, when you first start building passive income streams, it’s most likely that your full-time salary will be the breadwinner.

Building residual income with an ATM business

Building residual income with an ATM business has a lot in common with using other passive income streams to build residual income. But, operating ATM machines has a few advantages of other passive income sources:

  • You invest money, rather than time.

The smartest financial experts—from Benjamin Graham to Robert Kiyosaki—advocate spending money to make money rather than spending time to make money. And, it makes sense.

Think about it. You have a limited amount of time. And you don’t know exactly how much time you have in your life. AND you can’t get more time. It’s a fixed resource.

But, you can make more money.

Also, buying a money-making asset, rather than building one, enables you to start making money from that asset faster.

Now, your ATM business as a whole is an asset that you have to build. But, you can simply buy the thing that makes the money—ATMs. For a few thousand dollars, you can have an ATM that’s generating income. And, it takes very little time to get an ATM machine going.

  • You truly own your money-making asset.

Many passive income sources rely on platforms and services that are owned by other people and companies.

YouTube channels have been completely shut down by YouTube. Blogs have been ripped from the internet by the website hosting provider. That’s a really quick way for a passive income stream to disappear.

But, when you own an ATM machine, it’s yours. No one can legally take it from you (unless you do something crazy illegal. But, we’re sure you can avoid that). Even if the business where your ATM is located shuts down or gets sold to a new owner, the ATM is still yours. You can simply move your ATM to a new location and start making money again.

Your ATM business is dependent on you. So, it’s much more stable than many other passive income methods.

  • An ATM business scales easily.

One of the best things about owning ATMs is that adding more ATM machines doesn’t significantly increase your time investment, if you build a good route. You can easily manage several machines with just one day a week.

And, if you want your ATM business income to replace your full-time job, it can easily do that. It’s totally up to you how big your ATM business gets. You can build it around your lifestyle.

That’s why an ATM business is the perfect passive income idea for building residual income.

How an ATM business generates residual income is even simpler, and you’ve probably already figured it out.

Since it takes very little time to operate ATM machines, you can easily run an ATM business and hold down a full-time job.

If your full-time salary covers all of your expenses, the income from your ATM machines is entirely residual income. Or, if your ATM business generates enough revenue to cover all your expenses, all the money you earn at work is residual income.

Then there’s a third option: if you build your ATM business to the point that it pays all your business and personal expenses, every additional ATM that you buy brings in more residual income.

With some careful planning, your ATM business could be a self-perpetuating cycle of income expansion. Every machine you add brings in more money. Then you have more money to invest in new machines, which bring in even more money, and on and on… Imagine how cool it would be to simply pay a few thousand dollars every month to give yourself a raise.

But, the point is that an ATM business is a steady, reliable income stream that empowers you to generate income that greatly exceeds your expenses, which is—by definition—residual income.

That’s how an ATM business creates residual income.

What to do now

Ready to start your ATM business? Learn everything you need to know about building an ATM business.

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An ATM Business Can Save Your Marriage (It’s Not as Crazy as It Sounds)

The title statement may sound outlandish. But, consider these stats about gray divorce (divorce among couples over 50):

  1. Gray divorce has doubled since 1990.
  2. Gray divorce has increased by 700% since 1960.

Those are startling numbers. And, it probably seems unlikely that an ATM business is the solution. But, if you look at why the gray divorce rate has skyrocketed, it becomes clear how an ATM business can help.

Here’s a quick story to illustrate the most common cause of gray divorce:

A young couple meets, dates, and gets married early in life—shortly after college. For the next few decades, they spend most of their time building careers, raising children, and preparing for retirement. There’s a lot to do, and they’re both happy to be doing it together.

Then it comes time to retire. Suddenly, the shared goals are gone. And the man has dedicated the majority of his life working. He spent very little time building relationships or hobbies. Or maybe both of the people in this couple spent very little time pursuing things other than work.

The struggle is that retired people often find themselves with nothing to do. And, this can severely strain marriages. When all the work is done, it’s easy to feel that there’s no need for a team anymore.

But there’s more: having nothing to do is no fun. Retirement is supposed to be enjoyable—at least as enjoyable as a fulfilling career, if not more enjoyable. So, it’s easy to feel unhappy in retirement.

That’s what’s caused this spike in gray divorce: a lack of shared goals and things to do in retirement.

An ATM business solves that problem.

How an ATM business can save your marriage from gray divorce

Being an ATM owner is not a way to get rich quick. When you start an ATM business, you’re playing the long game. And, this long game affords people opportunities to build relationships and develop a routine that can sustain them throughout retirement.

Older Couple having CoffeeBuilding relationships

One of the most important aspects of owning an ATM business is building a successful route. An ATM route is just the common path you take to refill your ATM machines with cash and ensure they’re in good shape.

The benefit of this ATM route for older people is that it provides a place where you show up regularly and get to know people. Socially, it’s like a bar (but far more productive and profitable).

Additionally, each ATM machine will be located in or near a business, and maybe even a bar if that’s something you’d enjoy. And, you have to develop a relationship with that business owner, because your ATM is on their property. And, these business owners may want to be involved, to some small degree, in the operation of that ATM machine (coupons, promotions, lowered credit card fees for them, etc.).

Developing quality relationships with these landlords, business owners, and property owners is key if you want to have an ATM business that’s all about service. And, your ATM business should be all about service. That will make your business successful and will ensure you keep your customers happy so they’ll stay with you for a long, long, time.

But, more than being an important part of your ATM business, these relationships give you people to do things with once you’ve retired. Your ATM business creates a circle of friends that will last a lifetime.

Productive routines

An ATM business also solves the problem of idle time in retirement.

Once you’ve set up your ATM route, you’ll obviously need to run that route regularly to keep your ATM machines up and running. This creates a routine that helps retain a sense of purpose and offers shared goals for you and your partner.

But, the best thing about the routine of an ATM business is that your routine can be as busy or as minimal as you’d like. If you want, you could work nearly full time in your ATM business. Or, it can be as part-time as you like.

And, you’re not just keeping busy. Your ATM business gives you productive work. It’s even better than a hobby, in many ways.

Reaching retirementOlder Retired Couple Enjoying Retirement Early via the ATM Business

Although this focuses most on how an ATM business can protect you from a gray divorce, an ATM business can also help you stay married until retirement.

As we mentioned earlier, an ATM business is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a long game.

But, running an ATM business can provide reliable income that doesn’t require you to grind it out day after day. And, it’s income that you can earn in addition to your professional income. So, an ATM business can certainly make it easier to retire when you want to.

And, the additional income of an ATM business gives you time to develop relationships outside of work and build a marriage that’s ready for the realities of retirement. It’s also a business that gets you out of the house which is a big plus for decreasing the chance of a grey divorce. Plus, you get to enjoy any neighborhood you wish to pursue, make connections, and have fun at the same time. 

So, your ATM business isn’t just a marriage failsafe for retirement. It’s also something that can sustain your marriage and life until you reach retirement.

And, what about those who are retired or near retirement right now? You can start an ATM business at any time. Yes, the ATM business is a long game. But, it’s a long game that you can start right now, regardless of where you are in your life. Besides, you can start and ATM business with less than $5,000 and the returns on that money will be much better than the bank and much safer than the stock market. You’re investing in yourself and in your retirement. 

If you’re ready to start now, learn more about starting an ATM business.


1 Passive Income Idea That Will Get You Out of the Rat Race for Good

Let’s start by setting the record straight on passive income: no form of income is truly 100% passive. Any income stream requires that you invest some time, effort, and energy.

Even income earned from interest on money sitting in the bank requires you to check the balance occasionally.

What we really mean when we say “passive income” is “low effort income.”

Fortunately, there are many low effort income generators. But, some are better than others. And, there’s one that beats the rest in the most important areas:

  • Initial investment (time and money).
  • Time to start generating income.
  • Maintenance requirements.

As you may have guessed, the best passive income idea is the ATM business. Here’s why an ATM business beats other passive income investments in the short term and the long run.

Low Upfront Investment

We have to be honest here: the most popular passive income ideas work. Investing, real estate, building a successful blog, and other methods will indeed generate passive income in the long run.

Grow Your Money with Passive Income

However, these passive income methods require a large investment before you get any money back.

In his book, The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham talks about generating income from stocks and bonds. He gives good advice.

But, by Graham’s figures, one can expect between 4% and 7% return on their stock market investments. So, you’re not really generating meaningful cash flow until you’ve got tens of thousands invested. And, the required investment is closer to 100,000 if you happen to get 4% returns.

Real estate is another common passive income investment. But, it doesn’t take much searching to discover that buying a house might cost far more than 100,000.

There are ways to purchase real estate properties with no money down. But, you’re still spending money. The investment comes in the form of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt liability. And, you’ll most likely need to spend some time working on the property you purchase before it will be profitable.

Then there’s blogging, or becoming an online influencer or creator. The monetary investment here can be very small. But, the time investment is huge. It can take years to build a blog or YouTube channel that gets enough traffic to turn a profit.

An ATM machine, on the other hand, costs a few thousand to set up. That includes the cash to fill the machine. And, that’s the average cost of buying and placing an ATM. There are ways to get started for less, such as buying a refurbished or used ATM machine.

So, yes, there is an upfront cost to starting an ATM business. However, it’s a fraction of the cost of most other passive income methods, both in time and money.

Time to Return

In his financial classic, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki says the most important question to ask before you make an investment purchase is, “How long will it take to get my money back?”

He means that you need to consider how long it will take to recoup the initial cost of the investment. Any money you make after you’ve recovered your initial investment is profit. So, the faster you recoup your initial investment costs, the faster you start truly making money.

In that same book, Kiyosaki gives an example of a real estate investor who purchases a rental property. The property generates $125 a month in cash flow, which the investor reinvests into the property (so that money does not go into his bank account). Several years later, the property sells for more than he paid, and he makes a solid profit.

Making Money from Your Bank

All well and good. The key phrase here is, “several years later.” Yes, he made good money on the deal. But, it took years of renting. That’s a long time to recover your investment and start making money.

Stock market investing suffers from a similar issue. There are case studies that show how you could have invested $5 in the stock market in 1929, then by 1954 that $5 would have turned into several thousand or more.

There are other examples that start at different dates. But, all these case studies have the same thing in common: the timeline is very long. It always takes decades for that money to grow. The reality of investing is that you either need a lot of time or a lot of money to generate real profits.

Then, other passive income models like blogging have an undefined timeline. Some people get lucky. Their content becomes famous overnight, and they’re off. But, the majority of people who go this route spend years creating content before they ever see a dime.

Now, here’s a brief explanation of how an ATM makes money for you:

You buy the ATM machine, place it in a retail store, restaurant, coffee shop, gas station, or anywhere else where people may need to get cash.

You charge the customer $2.50 to get money from your ATM. That $2.50 is your revenue. Some of it will usually go to the business owner for allowing you to place an ATM in their business space. And, a little bit gets used to pay operating expenses.

But, even after all that, you’re still making a couple bucks per transaction. Even a slow location will get 3 or 4 transactions a day.

Regardless of the transaction volume, the ATM machine starts recovering your initial investment immediately. And, in a decent location, you could recover the cost of the ATM machine in a matter of months.

The bottom line is that the time to return on investing in ATM machines is far lower than any other passive income investment we know of. Which means you’ll start generating profit much faster.


Of course, we can’t talk about real estate and stock market investing without talking about risk. Even blogging and content creation carries some risk. Though, you can overcome the risk by making smart adjustments and putting in persistent work.

But, the risks in real estate and stock market investing are very real. And, if you’re not careful, they can be financially devastating, at least temporarily. The only thing we know for sure about stock and real estate markets is that they reliably go up and down.

At some point, your investments are going to lose value. And, it may come at a time when you’re not in a good position to absorb that loss. Any experienced investor will tell you that’s just the way it goes.

However, cash never goes out of style. And, ATM machines offer convenience. The demand for that convenience is actually going up as more and more banks move to providing digital services.

But, that’s only part of the point here. The main point is that an ATM machine will reliably get transactions. If you put an ATM where people can see it and use it, somebody will use it.

Everyone Loves Cash


Unlike other passive income investments, it’s not a question of if you make money, it’s when. And, you can control that by placing your ATM machines in good locations.

It’s one of the few low risks, high potential reward investments in the world.


For some people, this is the most important thing. How much work does it take to maintain your passive income?

As we mentioned earlier, there’s no such thing as 100% passive income. You have to put in some effort. It’s just a matter of how much effort is required.

Some “passive income ideas” are actually not passive at all. How passive is running a blog and selling ad space on your blog? It’s not. Running a successful blog is nearly a full-time job.

Investing can be super low effort. But, the less effort you put in, the less money you make. It takes a lot of education, time, effort, and energy to be a successful aggressive investor. Look at Warren Buffet. His job title is “investor” because that’s what he spends most of his time doing.

Real estate is the same way. It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to consistently find good real estate investments and close the deals.

All this isn’t to say that operating ATM machines takes no effort. It does. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Monitor the cash level in your ATM.
  2. Go to your ATM machine.
  3. Open it with your key.
  4. Add a fat stack of $20 bills to the cassette.
  5. Close it.
  6. Make sure it’s locked.
  7. Withdraw $20 to make sure it’s working correctly.

Making Passive Income

That’s it. Have you ever seen someone restock a vending machine? It’s less complex than that.

This takes a few minutes. And, depending on how much cash you keep in the machine, you may only have to do this once a week. You can easily keep your full-time job and operate ATM machines.

Sure, you’ll have to do it more often if you have multiple ATM machines. But, multiple ATM machines also means more ATM income. Your passive income scales directly with the required effort. So, you may not need to keep your full-time job if you’re filling a lot of ATM machines.


The passive income machine

That’s it. The one passive income idea that will get you off the hamster wheel. It’s not hard. And, the barrier to entry is so low that almost anyone can afford it (both in terms of time and money).

Since we’ve mentioned him already, Robert Kiyosaki says that the difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they spend their money.

A rich person buys things that will make him more money. A poor person buys things that end up costing him money.

An ATM machine is probably the most affordable thing you can buy that will actually make you money.

So, you can spend your next few thousand dollars reaching the next rung on the hamster wheel. Or, you can spend those dollars like a rich person, and buy something that will make you money, and break that hamster wheel.

The Ultimate Side Hustle Idea

There are tons of side hustle ideas out there. However, most of them require you to consistently invest time, which is basically just getting a side hustle job. Or, you need to invest a lot of time, effort, energy—and maybe money—up front, which will pay off… Someday.

But, there’s a side hustle that gives you an almost immediate return on a relatively small investment. If you’re thinking, “buying ATM machines,” you’re right.

An ATM machine will almost immediately generate income. And, you can get great deals on used and refurbished ATM machines. So, the barrier to entry in the ATM business is low, and the ceiling is virtually non-existent. You can own as many ATMs as you want.

But, the best part is that it takes very little time to maintain and operate your ATM machines once they’re installed. This means operating ATM machines is a true side hustle that will have very little impact on your full-time job or free time. And, your ATM business could easily replace your full-time income.

Here’s what makes owning ATMs such a great side hustle to make money without giving up your evenings and weekends.

Generate Passive Income

ATM Business Passive Income Family Time

Most side hustle jobs are just that, jobs. They require a lot of time. They might pay an hourly wage. It’s a good way to make some extra money. But, it’s also a good way to end up working even when you’re not at work.

On the other hand, an ATM machine only has two major time investments:

  1. The time it takes to install your ATM.
  2. The time it takes to fill your ATM with cash.

Other than that, your ATM machine sits and makes you money without your help. The time investment in operating an ATM is low enough that you can easily run multiple AT machines without hiring anyone (or giving up your social life).

With enough ATM machines—and not even that many—you could easily add a second full-time income stream without quitting your full-time job.

No New Skills to Learn

If your side hustle is doing work with the skills you already know, that side hustle is essentially additional hours in your primary job. That’s not ideal if you’re trying to maintain peak performance in your current career. And, it’s definitely not ideal if you want to use your side hustle to transition into a new career because you’re dissatisfied with your current job.

Owning ATM machines requires you to learn zero new skills.

Yes, you’ll need to know how to setup and install an ATM. But, that’s not really a new skill. It’s no more complex than setting up and installing a smart TV. You can learn how to setup an ATM in—no exaggeration—a matter of minutes.

Compare that to most skills you’d learn to make money. Most take months or even years to pick up. Then, you spend even more months working entry-level gigs to build the experience and track record you need to create a meaningful income stream.

This means that generating income with ATM machines takes less time and effort than learning a new skill. And, that means that you’ll start making money faster.

Incredibly Simple Business Operation

There’s real estate, affiliate marketing, funnel building, and other businesses that are marketed as amazing side hustles or primary income streams.

However, all of these are deeply involved businesses.

You Can Start an ATM Business Today!

You have to find houses to flip, and fix them up to make them saleable. Or you have to build an audience to get enough traffic for your affiliate offers. And, you can’t make money with a funnel if you don’t have a product to sell.

The reality is that these side hustles aren’t really side hustles at all. They’re full-time jobs.

In contrast, all you have to do in the ATM business is buy an ATM, find a location, and install it. The ATM company handles the backend business operation. All the payments, reporting, processing, and other business operations are off your plate.

All you have to do is make sure your ATM has cash in it, and watch the transaction fees roll in.

Low Upfront Investment

Let’s talk about the cost of an ATM.

An ATM machine costs a rough average of $2,548. Keep in mind, that’s the average price. You can get ATMs for much less. We’re using the average for the sake of comparison.

You’ll also need around $2000 in cash to stock your ATM with $20 bills. The total to setup an ATM and start making transactions is about $4,548.

$4,548 might sound like a hefty investment. But, the cost of the ATM is a one-time expense. You can use the same $2000 for restocking your ATM. It’s cash you need on hand, not a direct expense.

$4,548 is actually quite modest when you compare it to the upfront costs of other side hustles:

It’s much less than the cost of buying a house to flip (and far less risky).

More affordable than all the months of paying rent and living expenses without your side hustle income while you learn something like coding or build your affiliate marketing audience.

Lower long-term cost than the overhead expenses of subscription services like ClickFunnels, which eat into your profits, and actually add up over time to far more than the cost of an ATM.

The only reason the initial cost of an ATM seems high is because you may have to pay it in a lump sum. But, it’s a much more affordable investment than many other side hustle businesses. It comes with no persistent overhead costs. And, buying an ATM costs you almost no time.

No-Risk Income

Last, but not least, is the risk. All side hustles involve some risk. Even if you’re just going to a side hustle school to learn a new skill, there’s a risk that you won’t be able to find work using that skill. Think of all the college graduates who never use their degree. The same rules apply to learning side hustle skills.

Investment side hustles like real estate and investing carry even more risk because there’s no way to guarantee a return on your money. Stocks tank. Houses sit on the market for months or years.

But, an ATM machine reliably generates income (unless you hide it in a dark alley, behind a dumpster or something like that).

It’s true that some locations get more traffic and more transactions than others. But, if you put an ATM where people can see it, they’ll use it. And, you get 100% of the transaction fees.

Cash still accounts for 30% of all transactions, and 55% of transactions under $10. And, $10 transactions are exactly what you want, since most people will get a $20 out of an ATM for a $10 purchase, which means you get more transaction fees without having to refill your ATM as often.

The No Hustle Side HustleEarning Money from Passive Income ATM Business

Side hustles are a great way to earn some extra income. But, most side hustles just turn your spare time into extra cash.

With an ATM machine, you dependably turn cash into more cash. Just get an ATM. Install it. And start generating income. You could do it over a weekend.

No, you won’t get rich quick. But no side hustle is intended to make you rich fast. It’s about creating reliable long-term income. And that’s exactly what owning an ATM does for you.