Triton 9700 ATM Machine

The workhorse of the ATM market for high traffic locations

Price: One Of The Best Low Cost ATM In The Industry BAR NONE!

  • Key Features

    The Triton 9700 ATM Machine builds on Triton’s renowned reliability and over all low cost of ownership to deliver the most cost-effective ATM Machine in its class.

    Developed specifically for the traffic and transaction volumes that characterize many retail, food service, and hospitality locations, the Triton 9700 offers the economic requirements of any retail business.

    The 9700 is compliant with existing and proposed ADA regulations. An optional audio port, a shorter cabinet, a brighter LCD transaction screen with a wider viewing angle and redesigned keyboard, make it easy to use.

    Loaded with modular options, the Triton 9700 ATM Machine is the new standard for ATM Machines.

ATM Equipment Specifications


  • Features highly viviable advertising options that can be used for your own promotions or sold to others
  • Signs on toppers can include custom graphics and logos
  • Since Triton 9700 ATM Machines are Refurbished some come with low toppers some come with high toppers. We never know what will be shipped. Photo shows high topper however we can not guarantee a high topper with every refurbished unit shipped.
  • Decals and signs created for ATM exterior add a way to reinforce branding and advertising promotions
  • High resolution thermal printers can dispense custom coupons and receipts
  • LCD transaction screens will display alternating still-screen advertisements


  • High impact signs make your ATM more visible
  • Create your own graphics for front, rear and sides of topper or choose Triton standard graphics
  • Topper options include low topper, high topper, and FMV topper

Card Reader

  • Dip-style reader comes with standard or optional EMV smart card reader
  • Eliminates risk of customers forgetting their cards
  • Prevents jams, lets coins and materials fall through
  • Easy for customers to use

Transaction Screen

  • 256 color monitor is standard feature, monochrome option is also available
  • Standard 2MB memory expansion module allows enhanced advertisement and graphics
  • Screen guides user through transaction
  • Change ads and graphics as often as you desire with Triton Connect

Receipt Printer

  • Dispenses coupons/receipts, increasing in-store purchases
  • Option to dispense coupon’s randomly or based on amount of money withdrawn
  • Change coupon settings with Triton Connection

Audio Port

  • Optional audio port for the visually impaired performers private audio transactions using leading edge text-to- speech synthesis.


  • can not guarantee Cassette selection. Your Certified Refusrbished ATM will come with either a De La Rue’s SDD or a NMD-50. Both include a 1 year parts and labor warranty included with the entire ATM Machine purchase.
  • Either Cassette is easy to use and dependable

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