Investing in an ATM for Business or Profit

Custom Branded ATM Machine for a BusinessInvesting in an ATM

Do you have customers asking you for the nearest ATM location? If you answered yes, then it is time to consider buying or investing in an ATM machine for your business. Instead of sending your customers around the corner or down the block to the nearest ATM machine, wouldn’t you rather offer them the convenience of never having to leave your store? Plus, you get to keep the great profits of owning your own machine. Investing in an ATM can generate surprising amounts of revenue.

Up until now, you’ve been sending this revenue around the corner and down the block, but it is time to take this reliable source of constant income, and make it yours. From now on, when somebody asks you where the nearest ATM is, you can direct them to the one located right in your store. Your customer benefits from the convenience and so do you. After all, when a customer leaves your store, even if they are headed to grab some quick cash for their purchase, there is no guarantee that they will return. This can potentially result in a loss of sales and is easily prevented. The majority of start up ATM business owners earn their entire investment back inside of six months or so. After that they earn profits month after month, year after year. The ATM revenue you can potentially earn comes from the ATM surcharge. When you own your own machine the surcharge is 100% yours.

What is Needed to Start Investing in an ATM Business?

So, how much do you need to invest in an ATM business start up? Investing in an ATM is a very inexpensive business to get into. There are very low start up costs and for as little as $2,000 or just $79 per month, you can purchase your first ATM machine. There are no franchise fees and a single ATM machine can last 7 to 10 years or more.

The total Investment needed if you want to own and load your own ATM is about $3,000 – $3,500, If you’re planning to start an ATM business and locate machines throughout your town or city, you may need about $4500 – $5000 depending on how far the ATM is and how often you want to load it. The investment beyond the cost of the machine is to stock your ATM with cash so customers can start using the added convenience.

As a store owner, you may have already been approached by someone interested in placing an ATM at your location. The upside of this is that your customers get the convenience of an easily accessible machine, never leaving your store to go out and find one, and you have no responsibility to maintain it yourself. This, of course, means that you receive less than all the profits since you’re simply giving your customers the added bonus of quick cash at your store but you also benefit from lower credit card fees when those customers pay with cash from the ATM.

There really is no downside to investing in an ATM machine within your own business, even the maintenance is minimal.

ATM’s need to be stocked on a regular basis in order to be operational and sometimes store owners are not comfortable taking on this responsibility, which is why you can outsource the vaulting (cash loading) for a portion of the revenue. Also, if you’re a store owner you may not have time available to maintain the machine. In that case an ATM placement may be what you need. That’s when speaking to an ATM Company about your needs can create opportunity that may have not previous existed.

How to Maintain Your ATM

  • How much money should you stock your machine with?
  • When should you remove money from the machine?
  • What do you do with the cash generated?
  • What you do when it’s all set up?

Not to worry. There are reputable companies that know all these answers and will even stock your machine for you if you’d like. This low cost service saves you the time and hassle of maintaining your machine. Handing over this responsibility to a company with the knowledge of what it takes to keep your ATM up and running can be the smartest decision for your ATM business.

You never have to think about it or go through a trial and error period of learning what it takes to keep your machine in service.

After the machine is installed, up and running, and scheduled for restocking, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Your machine will be monitored and restocked when needed. Your customers will benefit from the added convenience, and you will no longer be sending revenue out your door to the nearest ATM. Maybe you’ll even want to invest in a second machine for another location.

  • Want more information to see if investing in an ATM is right for your business?
  • Want more information about how to become an ATM Deployer and invest in ATM Machines to place them in locations around your town or city?

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