How to Fix Tranax Error Code 20010

Do you Operate Tranax ATM Machines?

Problem: Tranax Error Code 20010

Description: Most likely cause is a receipt paper jam.

Solution: Remove jammed paper.


1. Release receipt paper drawer by pressing the tab with the green sticker located at the front of the printer.
2. In most cases you may have to remove the printer to locate difficult jams.
3. Do NOT use metal objects to clear jams, use a business card or stiff paper.
4. Make sure you only use 21# paper. Paper of a lesser thickness is more prone to jamming.

How to Fix Tranax Error Code 20010

If you followed the above steps and your printer is still jamming, try using a new roll of paper. Make sure paper roll is not damaged in any way (water, crushed, old). If you still have trouble, contact your ATM processing providers help desk.

If your ATM company does not offer toll free help and you would like to switch to an ATM company that offers this service try this ATM Company.

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