A Business Hours ATM is defined as an ATM that is available during business hours only. It must be under the observation of a responsible party. The money should be removed at the close of business. The metal of the Business Hours is not as thick as that of the Level-1. Business Hours security containers must withstand forceful attacks on the seams and door openings of the container. The attacker may use wires, lines, chisels, pry bars, and wrenches to try to gain entry or remove the currency. Attacks that are quiet are allowed to take 5 minutes. Loud attacks are allowed to take 2 minutes.

24 Hours Service Level-1 containers are defined as those ATMs that are available for use anytime of day. The steel that the security container is constructed of should have a tensile strength of 50,000 psi. Entry from the customer access panel into the currency area of the 24 Hour should resist attacks for up to 30 minutes. Attacks to remove currency will be made using fishing, trapping, and forcing techniques. Tools may be wires, hooks, pry bars, hacksaw blades, and certain other tooling that may be concealed in clothing. Attacks on the other portions of the security container may be made using picks and portable electric tools such as drills and grinders. It shall resist attacks for up to 15 minutes. Most Triton ATM containers have the security container portion of the ATM separated from the customer access panel area. Therefore, gaining access to the customer access area does not give entry into the security container.