When a customer uses an ATM other than their own bank, there bank has to pay a fee to the ATM networks for “finding” the account and “routing” the transaction. The bank pays the network “Interchange” (Plus, Star, Cirrus, NYCE, Etc) and the network pays ATMdepot.com a small transaction fee (a portion of the “Interchange”. Since we don’t have any sales representatives to pay like other companies and our overhead is internet based, we are able to share that Interchange revenue with you for purchasing processing services directly from our web site. While the networks pay this fee to the ATM Company, not all ATM Companies share this with the ATM owner. Most ATM owners are charged a “pass-through” fee from various networks when they surcharge customers, this is sometimes referred to as an acquirer fee.

To sum it up, interchange is shared by ATM Depot with ATM Machine owners and Independent ATM Deployers “IAD’s” to help offset some of the fees passed through by the processing centers from the various networks. As of 2014, these fees vary by network from $0.01 to $0.18. Visa and MasterCard are the two largest nationwide networks that own the ATM Networks Plus and Cirrus respectively. These networks charge the most but fortunately, ATMDepot routes the transactions to these networks last and only when no other network can be utilized keeping network charges to a minimum.