Getting Your ATM Business Ready for the Holidays

How To Keep Shoppers Happy During the Holiday Season:

Santa Claus ATMIn 2012, the average holiday shopper spent over $800 on gifts for the holiday season. With this time of year quickly approaching, the spending season will be upon us once again. With thanks to your ATM business, you are about to reap the rewards of giving customers the convenience of having cash in hand with the swipe of a card.

Of course, to reap these rewards you will need to be sure to stock your machine and keep a close eye on your ATM’s transactions using your web access. It’s important to make sure your ATM doesn’t run out of money because being out of cash means that you’re out of business. Read more

How to Plan for an ATM Business Boom During the Holidays

ATM Business Booms During the Holidays

Like any business, ATM businesses go through highs and lows throughout the year. Depending on your ATM’s location you could see significant increases during the holidays.

The average shopper spends just under $1,000 on holiday gifts. Naturally, ATMs located in shopping malls verses gas stations are going to see more action due to the foot traffic. Stores draw an average of 150 or more people a day on a regular basis. This number will represent a slow day when the Holiday’s roll around.

If you’ve been in the ATM business for a little while now, hopefully you have an idea of the cash needs and volume of your ATM machines. This information is going to help you determine your work load during the busy holiday months. Obviously, you know that if your machine isn’t loaded with cash it is not going to make you money. It’s also not going to make you money if it’s out of order. Since it’s going to be processing a lot of transactions, it needs to be in tip top shape so that it can do its job.

Location, location, location; you’ve heard it a million times. Location cannot be stressed enough. Location is everything. It is part of the equation of your ATM business and it’s a very big part, at that. Your location determines your ATM business success. No matter where you are, you will see the benefits of the holiday season; whether you’re in the shopping mall or in the gas station. People will be buzzing all over the place. With that said, you want to be where the shoppers are. You want to be right in the middle of all of the activity. This also holds true after the holidays when shoppers are out to hit the post-holiday clearance sales. Read more

93% of US ATMs Never Found a Skimming Device

93% of US ATMs Never Found a Skimming Device

The National ATM Council, Inc. (“NAC”), a not-for-profit national ATM trade association representing America’s IAD’s, announced today that the results of its industry-wide U.S. Retail ATM Skimming Survey.

The survey results show ninety-three percent (93%) of the companies operating ATMs at retail locations throughout the U.S. have never experienced a credit card “skimming” incident at their ATMs. Of the ATM operators responding to the survey, over half have been in the ATM business for ten or more years and inspect their ATMs at least once per week. The survey includes a broad representation of the U.S. independent ATM industry – with respondents ranging in size from 1 to over 5,000 ATMs in their operations.

“These skimming device survey results confirm that retail ATMs are secure and the incidence of card data theft is extremely low,” said Bruce Renard, NAC Executive Director. “At the same time, we recognize from prior experiences in other countries that we are likely to see a rise in card fraud and skimming in the near term, with the implementation of EMV in the U.S.”

NAC is continuing its work with the retail ATM sector in helping raise awareness and promoting detection and deterrence of skimming devices among the industry and consumers. These initiatives include our skimming survey, issuance of industry alerts and ongoing development of anti-skimming device guidelines for retailers. The top three countries reporting losses from ATM skimming remain the U.S., Indonesia, and the Philippines according to the European ATM Security Team (EAST) fraud update in the first quarter of 2016.

EAST said ATM skimming devices were reported in 20 countries attending its meeting in February. The data for EAST’s “European Fraud Update for 2016” is primarily from updates by representatives of 19 countries in the Single Euro Payments Area and four countries outside that area.  The use of “throat inlay ATM skimming devices” appears to be on the rise, the group said. Three countries reported ATM skimming attacks employing throat inlay devices, which are placed inside the card reader throat in front of the shutter.

No ATM Skimming devices have ever been found or reported on any ATM deployed by ATMDepot said CEO, Noah Wieder.

ATM Skimming

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ATM Models to Consider for Your ATM Business

For an ATM business to run successfully you need a reliable machine that is up to date and ready to serve all your customers at all times. Selecting any of these ATMs you’ll be up to date on the latest features and also be able to update your machine with the newest software when needed.

Hyosung Halo ATM

Halo Nautilus Hyosung ATM machine for sale -888-959-2269The Halo is set apart by (and named for) the circle of light that surrounds the recessed pin pad and illuminates it with a constantly changing spectrum of colors. This is an attention getting machine and the numbers speak for themselves.

Owners with the new+ Halo are reporting increased usage as the machine is very noticeable as it comes standard with a large 10-inch LCD screen (about the size of an ipad) using Microsoft Windows as the operating system so adding custom graphics to that incredible screen is made simple. The Halo is also available with an optional high gloss white finish. Read more