1 Passive Income Idea That Will Get You Out of the Rat Race for Good

Let’s start by setting the record straight on passive income: no form of income is truly 100% passive. Any income stream requires that you invest some time, effort, and energy.

Even income earned from interest on money sitting in the bank requires you to check the balance occasionally.

What we really mean when we say “passive income” is “low effort income.”

Fortunately, there are many low effort income generators. But, some are better than others. And, there’s one that beats the rest in the most important areas:

  • Initial investment (time and money).
  • Time to start generating income.
  • Maintenance requirements.

As you may have guessed, the best passive income idea is the ATM business. Here’s why an ATM business beats other passive income investments in the short term and the long run.

Low Upfront Investment

We have to be honest here: the most popular passive income ideas work. Investing, real estate, building a successful blog, and other methods will indeed generate passive income in the long run.

Grow Your Money with Passive Income

However, these passive income methods require a large investment before you get any money back.

In his book, The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham talks about generating income from stocks and bonds. He gives good advice.

But, by Graham’s figures, one can expect between 4% and 7% return on their stock market investments. So, you’re not really generating meaningful cash flow until you’ve got tens of thousands invested. And, the required investment is closer to 100,000 if you happen to get 4% returns.

Real estate is another common passive income investment. But, it doesn’t take much searching to discover that buying a house might cost far more than 100,000.

There are ways to purchase real estate properties with no money down. But, you’re still spending money. The investment comes in the form of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt liability. And, you’ll most likely need to spend some time working on the property you purchase before it will be profitable.

Then there’s blogging, or becoming an online influencer or creator. The monetary investment here can be very small. But, the time investment is huge. It can take years to build a blog or YouTube channel that gets enough traffic to turn a profit.

An ATM machine, on the other hand, costs a few thousand to set up. That includes the cash to fill the machine. And, that’s the average cost of buying and placing an ATM. There are ways to get started for less, such as buying a refurbished or used ATM machine.

So, yes, there is an upfront cost to starting an ATM business. However, it’s a fraction of the cost of most other passive income methods, both in time and money.

Time to Return

In his financial classic, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki says the most important question to ask before you make an investment purchase is, “How long will it take to get my money back?”

He means that you need to consider how long it will take to recoup the initial cost of the investment. Any money you make after you’ve recovered your initial investment is profit. So, the faster you recoup your initial investment costs, the faster you start truly making money.

In that same book, Kiyosaki gives an example of a real estate investor who purchases a rental property. The property generates $125 a month in cash flow, which the investor reinvests into the property (so that money does not go into his bank account). Several years later, the property sells for more than he paid, and he makes a solid profit.

Making Money from Your Bank

All well and good. The key phrase here is, “several years later.” Yes, he made good money on the deal. But, it took years of renting. That’s a long time to recover your investment and start making money.

Stock market investing suffers from a similar issue. There are case studies that show how you could have invested $5 in the stock market in 1929, then by 1954 that $5 would have turned into several thousand or more.

There are other examples that start at different dates. But, all these case studies have the same thing in common: the timeline is very long. It always takes decades for that money to grow. The reality of investing is that you either need a lot of time or a lot of money to generate real profits.

Then, other passive income models like blogging have an undefined timeline. Some people get lucky. Their content becomes famous overnight, and they’re off. But, the majority of people who go this route spend years creating content before they ever see a dime.

Now, here’s a brief explanation of how an ATM makes money for you:

You buy the ATM machine, place it in a retail store, restaurant, coffee shop, gas station, or anywhere else where people may need to get cash.

You charge the customer $2.50 to get money from your ATM. That $2.50 is your revenue. Some of it will usually go to the business owner for allowing you to place an ATM in their business space. And, a little bit gets used to pay operating expenses.

But, even after all that, you’re still making a couple bucks per transaction. Even a slow location will get 3 or 4 transactions a day.

Regardless of the transaction volume, the ATM machine starts recovering your initial investment immediately. And, in a decent location, you could recover the cost of the ATM machine in a matter of months.

The bottom line is that the time to return on investing in ATM machines is far lower than any other passive income investment we know of. Which means you’ll start generating profit much faster.


Of course, we can’t talk about real estate and stock market investing without talking about risk. Even blogging and content creation carries some risk. Though, you can overcome the risk by making smart adjustments and putting in persistent work.

But, the risks in real estate and stock market investing are very real. And, if you’re not careful, they can be financially devastating, at least temporarily. The only thing we know for sure about stock and real estate markets is that they reliably go up and down.

At some point, your investments are going to lose value. And, it may come at a time when you’re not in a good position to absorb that loss. Any experienced investor will tell you that’s just the way it goes.

However, cash never goes out of style. And, ATM machines offer convenience. The demand for that convenience is actually going up as more and more banks move to providing digital services.

But, that’s only part of the point here. The main point is that an ATM machine will reliably get transactions. If you put an ATM where people can see it and use it, somebody will use it.

Everyone Loves Cash

Unlike other passive income investments, it’s not a question of if you make money, it’s when. And, you can control that by placing your ATM machines in good locations.

It’s one of the few low risks, high potential reward investments in the world.


For some people, this is the most important thing. How much work does it take to maintain your passive income?

As we mentioned earlier, there’s no such thing as 100% passive income. You have to put in some effort. It’s just a matter of how much effort is required.

Some “passive income ideas” are actually not passive at all. How passive is running a blog and selling ad space on your blog? It’s not. Running a successful blog is nearly a full-time job.

Investing can be super low effort. But, the less effort you put in, the less money you make. It takes a lot of education, time, effort, and energy to be a successful aggressive investor. Look at Warren Buffet. His job title is “investor” because that’s what he spends most of his time doing.

Real estate is the same way. It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to consistently find good real estate investments and close the deals.

All this isn’t to say that operating ATM machines takes no effort. It does. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Monitor the cash level in your ATM.
  2. Go to your ATM machine.
  3. Open it with your key.
  4. Add a fat stack of $20 bills to the cassette.
  5. Close it.
  6. Make sure it’s locked.
  7. Withdraw $20 to make sure it’s working correctly.

Making Passive Income

That’s it. Have you ever seen someone restock a vending machine? It’s less complex than that.

This takes a few minutes. And, depending on how much cash you keep in the machine, you may only have to do this once a week. You can easily keep your full-time job and operate ATM machines.

Sure, you’ll have to do it more often if you have multiple ATM machines. But, multiple ATM machines also means more ATM income. Your passive income scales directly with the required effort. So, you may not need to keep your full-time job if you’re filling a lot of ATM machines.


The passive income machine

That’s it. The one passive income idea that will get you off the hamster wheel. It’s not hard. And, the barrier to entry is so low that almost anyone can afford it (both in terms of time and money).

Since we’ve mentioned him already, Robert Kiyosaki says that the difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they spend their money.

A rich person buys things that will make him more money. A poor person buys things that end up costing him money.

An ATM machine is probably the most affordable thing you can buy that will actually make you money.

So, you can spend your next few thousand dollars reaching the next rung on the hamster wheel. Or, you can spend those dollars like a rich person, and buy something that will make you money, and break that hamster wheel.

The Ultimate Side Hustle Idea

There are tons of side hustle ideas out there. However, most of them require you to consistently invest time, which is basically just getting a side hustle job. Or, you need to invest a lot of time, effort, energy—and maybe money—up front, which will pay off… Someday.

But, there’s a side hustle that gives you an almost immediate return on a relatively small investment. If you’re thinking, “buying ATM machines,” you’re right.

An ATM machine will almost immediately generate income. And, you can get great deals on used and refurbished ATM machines. So, the barrier to entry in the ATM business is low, and the ceiling is virtually non-existent. You can own as many ATMs as you want.

But, the best part is that it takes very little time to maintain and operate your ATM machines once they’re installed. This means operating ATM machines is a true side hustle that will have very little impact on your full-time job or free time. And, your ATM business could easily replace your full-time income.

Here’s what makes owning ATMs such a great side hustle to make money without giving up your evenings and weekends.

Generate Passive Income

ATM Business Passive Income Family Time

Most side hustle jobs are just that, jobs. They require a lot of time. They might pay an hourly wage. It’s a good way to make some extra money. But, it’s also a good way to end up working even when you’re not at work.

On the other hand, an ATM machine only has two major time investments:

  1. The time it takes to install your ATM.
  2. The time it takes to fill your ATM with cash.

Other than that, your ATM machine sits and makes you money without your help. The time investment in operating an ATM is low enough that you can easily run multiple AT machines without hiring anyone (or giving up your social life).

With enough ATM machines—and not even that many—you could easily add a second full-time income stream without quitting your full-time job.

No New Skills to Learn

If your side hustle is doing work with the skills you already know, that side hustle is essentially additional hours in your primary job. That’s not ideal if you’re trying to maintain peak performance in your current career. And, it’s definitely not ideal if you want to use your side hustle to transition into a new career because you’re dissatisfied with your current job.

Owning ATM machines requires you to learn zero new skills.

Yes, you’ll need to know how to setup and install an ATM. But, that’s not really a new skill. It’s no more complex than setting up and installing a smart TV. You can learn how to setup an ATM in—no exaggeration—a matter of minutes.

Compare that to most skills you’d learn to make money. Most take months or even years to pick up. Then, you spend even more months working entry-level gigs to build the experience and track record you need to create a meaningful income stream.

This means that generating income with ATM machines takes less time and effort than learning a new skill. And, that means that you’ll start making money faster.

Incredibly Simple Business Operation

There’s real estate, affiliate marketing, funnel building, and other businesses that are marketed as amazing side hustles or primary income streams.

However, all of these are deeply involved businesses.

You Can Start an ATM Business Today!

You have to find houses to flip, and fix them up to make them saleable. Or you have to build an audience to get enough traffic for your affiliate offers. And, you can’t make money with a funnel if you don’t have a product to sell.

The reality is that these side hustles aren’t really side hustles at all. They’re full-time jobs.

In contrast, all you have to do in the ATM business is buy an ATM, find a location, and install it. The ATM company handles the backend business operation. All the payments, reporting, processing, and other business operations are off your plate.

All you have to do is make sure your ATM has cash in it, and watch the transaction fees roll in.

Low Upfront Investment

Let’s talk about the cost of an ATM.

An ATM machine costs a rough average of $2,548. Keep in mind, that’s the average price. You can get ATMs for much less. We’re using the average for the sake of comparison.

You’ll also need around $2000 in cash to stock your ATM with $20 bills. The total to setup an ATM and start making transactions is about $4,548.

$4,548 might sound like a hefty investment. But, the cost of the ATM is a one-time expense. You can use the same $2000 for restocking your ATM. It’s cash you need on hand, not a direct expense.

$4,548 is actually quite modest when you compare it to the upfront costs of other side hustles:

It’s much less than the cost of buying a house to flip (and far less risky).

More affordable than all the months of paying rent and living expenses without your side hustle income while you learn something like coding or build your affiliate marketing audience.

Lower long-term cost than the overhead expenses of subscription services like ClickFunnels, which eat into your profits, and actually add up over time to far more than the cost of an ATM.

The only reason the initial cost of an ATM seems high is because you may have to pay it in a lump sum. But, it’s a much more affordable investment than many other side hustle businesses. It comes with no persistent overhead costs. And, buying an ATM costs you almost no time.

No-Risk Income

Last, but not least, is the risk. All side hustles involve some risk. Even if you’re just going to a side hustle school to learn a new skill, there’s a risk that you won’t be able to find work using that skill. Think of all the college graduates who never use their degree. The same rules apply to learning side hustle skills.

Investment side hustles like real estate and investing carry even more risk because there’s no way to guarantee a return on your money. Stocks tank. Houses sit on the market for months or years.

But, an ATM machine reliably generates income (unless you hide it in a dark alley, behind a dumpster or something like that).

It’s true that some locations get more traffic and more transactions than others. But, if you put an ATM where people can see it, they’ll use it. And, you get 100% of the transaction fees.

Cash still accounts for 30% of all transactions, and 55% of transactions under $10. And, $10 transactions are exactly what you want, since most people will get a $20 out of an ATM for a $10 purchase, which means you get more transaction fees without having to refill your ATM as often.

The No Hustle Side HustleEarning Money from Passive Income ATM Business

Side hustles are a great way to earn some extra income. But, most side hustles just turn your spare time into extra cash.

With an ATM machine, you dependably turn cash into more cash. Just get an ATM. Install it. And start generating income. You could do it over a weekend.

No, you won’t get rich quick. But no side hustle is intended to make you rich fast. It’s about creating reliable long-term income. And that’s exactly what owning an ATM does for you.

ATM Outsourcing: More Opportunities for ATM Owners

The Rise in ATM Outsourcing

ATM outsourcing is nothing new. Financial institutions have been outsourcing ATM services since the 90s. However, the demand for ATM managed services could spike as banks perfect their online banking services and regulations require more ATM updates.

ATMOutsourcing - Drive Up ATMsTraditionally, banks only outsourced off-site ATM machines that were difficult to keep stocked with cash and maintained. However, ATM outsourcing became such an attractive offer for banks that some banks outsourced their wall ATMs at drive-up and walk-up locations.

Now, ATM outsourcing is even more attractive in the wake of the EMV update, with another hardware update on the way with the Windows 10 transition. The update costs are significant. And banks are working to consolidate their physical branches, without limiting customer access to banking services.

Additionally, ATM machines aren’t a major source of revenue for most banks. They usually offer free transactions to their customers. So, most of the transactions generate no revenue.

Banks will likely have to eat the cost of the free ATM transactions for their banking customers. But, offloading ATM update costs, maintenance, and ATM vaulting to an ATM managed services provider could easily offset the lost transaction revenue.

And finally, banks don’t want to abandon their ATM services completely. ATM machines shorten bank teller lines and minimize stress on their customer service staff by enabling customers to self-serve for simple transactions.

So, handing the entire ATM operation over to ATM managed service providers is a cost-efficient move for most banks.

This is good news for ATM owners since it means more opportunities to provide white-label ATM solutions in very good locations. However, there are a few things you’ll need to make your services attractive to banks.

ATM Deposits

Most bank branch ATMs accept deposits. Now, the bank may be okay with losing the ability to accept deposits through the ATM machine when they outsource the service. But, that depends on the location and what percentage of the total transactions are deposits.

This means that you’ll be in the best position to scoop up an ATM managed services contract if you have ATM machines capable of accepting deposits and an ATM processor that can communicate with the bank’s system well enough for more than just cash withdrawals.

Banks have historically accepted outsourced ATMs that didn’t accept deposits. However, it’s likely that banks will prefer deposit capable ATM machines in the future as they look for cost-efficient replacements for full-service bank branches. So, accepting deposits will help future-proof your outsourced ATM operations.

Wall-Mount ATM Machines

ATMOutsourcing - Wall ATMs

Standing ATMs are appropriate for some off-site bank ATMs. However, it’s likely that banks will prefer bundled services for their ATM machines. Meaning, they’ll want their ATM managed services provider to supply their branch ATMs in addition to the off-site ATM machines.

Be prepared to offer a wall-mount ATM as part of your package when you’re pitching your services. Branch ATMs are likely to get a lot of traffic, and the bank will be paying the transaction fees. So, supplying a wall-mount ATM machine can be a big win for you.

Updated ATM Machines

You’re probably in the process of updating your hardware to accommodate Windows 10, if you’re already in the ATM business. But, if you want to take advantage of ATM outsourcing opportunities, you may want to speed up the process.

Avoiding update costs is a major reason that banks want to outsource their ATM services. So, it’s pretty much mandatory that you can offer ATM machines that will be compliant past 2020.

Fortunately, most new ATMs will be capable of handling Windows 10. But, future compliance is an important thing to check if you’re purchasing used or refurbished ATM machines.

Either way, the deadline for upgrading ATM machines to Windows 10 will be here sooner than you think. If you want to ride the ATM outsourcing wave, you should concentrate on getting your fleet compliant while banks are still looking for ATM managed service providers to take care of the update for them.

ATMOutsourcing - Signing SLAService Level Agreements

ATM owners are familiar with these. But, service level agreements are vital when working with banks.

First, the terms of your service level agreement can be a selling point for your ATM services. It removes the risks of ATM outsourcing for the bank and makes your offer more appealing.

But, you’ll most likely need to include things in your service level agreement that meet a bank’s requirements for any ATM, such as armored truck service for ATM vaulting.

Most banks also won’t accept an ATM managed services contract that doesn’t have a service level agreement.

So, if you haven’t developed one yet, you should create a template for your service level agreement. That way you won’t miss anything during your negotiations.

Other Businesses That Need ATMs

While banks may be a major source of ATM outsourcing business, they’re not the only ones who may need ATM machines from an ATM managed services provider.

Many banks have micro branches inside grocery stores, malls, and shopping centers. As banks consolidate their physical locations and move more services to online banking, many of these micro branches will close.

This leaves these locations without an ATM. And, that means opportunities for ATM owners to capture more high traffic locations with dedicated user bases.

So, even though the required ATM updates may present additional expenses for ATM machine owners, they also offer new ATM outsourcing opportunities. And, that’s new business that could more than cover the cost of ATM updates in the long run.

[Infographic] Bitcoin Business vs. ATM Business: Fees Explained Simply

Bitcoin. Who hasn’t heard of it? News of this new form of digital currency is sweeping the nation. Every day it seems we hear of someone else making lots of money from blockchain in the Bitcoin Business. Needless to say, it keeps us interested. But, there’s been a pretty big downfall to investing in the currency lately. Transaction fees are becoming quite a problem. In December 2017, a man moving $25 of Bitcoin paid a $16 fee to do so. According to CNBC, people are paying $28 on average to make Bitcoin transactions. The average transaction fee at an ATM machine is currently around $4. Both fees have been increasing, but Bitcoin’s transaction fee is doing so at a significantly higher rate.

What is Bitcoin?

In its simplest terms, Bitcoin is a digital currency. A cryptocurrency. Created in 2009 by anonymous user Satoshi Nakamoto, the goal was to create a decentralized electronic cash system. Decentralization is one of Bitcoin’s most important characteristics. This means that no single institution controls the bitcoin network. This puts people that don’t like institutions to have control of their money at ease. Another defining difference between common currencies and Bitcoin is pseudonymity. The system does not need to know the identity of any parties involved when Bitcoin is transacted. This anonymity attracts illegal activity which takes up almost half of Bitcoin transactions at the moment.

What is Bitcoin Infographic

Source: http://mompreneurasia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/btc-1024×690.jpg

Transaction Fees in the Bitcoin Business

With so many success stories in the media, people are rushing to enter the cryptocurrency business. Transaction fees are usually the first and most visible cost that everyone in the network will experience. With more users joining in, fees are increasing. According to the graph below, transaction fees for Bitcoin in October 2017 total over 22 million dollars. The average transaction fee around that time: around $60.00. The biggest pain point most people in the network have is how much the fees are fluctuating. If you enter the Bitcoin business, it is in your best interest to check www.cryptofees.net daily, or a similar site, to find out the current average transaction fee. The constant variations and shifts keep Bitcoin miners on their toes.

Bitcoin Transaction Fees - Graphic

source: https://web.archive.org/web/20181020203539/https://cryptovoices.com/network-transaction-fees/ (2018)

ATM Business Transaction Fees

One of the most common fees we encounter every day has been rising as well. ATM surcharges have reached an all-time high. CNBC reports Pittsburgh has the highest current average at $5.19 while San Francisco has one of the lowest at $3.90. The slowly increasing fee ensures Independent ATM Deployers continue to make a good amount of passive income. As averages continue to rise, remember to update your ATM surcharges to ensure you make more money.

Interested in learning more about the ATM Business? You’re in the right place. Don’t leave this page without getting the information you need. Download our FREE ATM Business Guide by clicking the link below.

Download Your Free Guide

ATM Fees Increasing Over Time

source: http://time.com/money/4966816/atm-fees-all-time-high/

TX Fees vs. Surcharge

Although ATM surcharges have been increasing, the fee doesn’t fluctuate as fast as Bitcoin transaction fees. The average annual increase, according to Bankrate 2017, has been 4.7% over the past 19 years. Bitcoin transaction fees are different for each transaction. On this day, the minimum Bitcoin transaction fee charged is recorded at 0.0963%, however, the largest fee recorded is 29.3309%. That’s right. Someone paid $43.00 to send $103.61. Good thing we don’t have to pay a percentage to withdraw money from an ATM.

The average ATM surcharge has been increasing lately, but it’ll be a while before it’s equal to that of Bitcoin. Most people are wondering whether getting into the Bitcoin business would be beneficial. The answer is … probably. If you’re wondering whether getting into the ATM business is profitable, the answer is yes. IADs are racking up on these surcharges that happen to increase each year. You may have to check daily what you’ll pay to transfer Bitcoin, but surcharges don’t usually change on a daily basis. The ATM business is a lot more secure and reliable, however, the Bitcoin business is definitely booming. We’ve created this infographic to help illustrate the difference between bitcoin fees and ATM surcharges.

Bitcoin Business vs ATM Business Fees

[Infographic] The Bitcoin Business vs The ATM Business Fees

How to Profit from the ATM Business - Free Guide

Put More Money in Your Pocket: Making an ATM Profitable

Make More Money

Is your ATM profitable?  There is more than one way to measure ATM profitability. Some ATM Entrepreneurs only look at the surcharge income verse expenses out. However, if you really look at the ATM business, it’s more than that.

Let’s use some easy numbers to wrap our heads around profitability.  I prefer to say, how much can my money make for me?  Do you work for your money or does your money work for you?  That means if you have a few thousand dollars sitting in a bank account (aside from emergency funds which we know is important) how much income are those funds generating.

Historically, interest rates in a savings account, money market account, or a Certificate of Deposit (CD) account can generate 1% – 3% annually. So let’s say you have $5,000 sitting in the bank if you locked that away in a CD that would get you the highest returns. Let’s say you found a bargain at 3% (not likely at the time of this writing) but that would be a whopping $150 per year and you’d probably have to lock up those funds for at least 3 or maybe 5 years.  More common is a 1% CD for a year or a Savings account at less than 1% these days. So for argument sake, we’ll say you’re averaging 1% a year which would be $50 per year on $5000. While the savings account or other bank account funds are insured and the risk of funds is very low, the ATM business is not much riskier if you work it.

There’s no magic bullet. To maximize your income, making the most on your money you do have to find a location and you do have to service the ATM. That’s the way to make the most money from the ATM business. One can expect an average of about 100 ATM transactions per month from an okay location. Poor locations might average 50 or 60 (2 uses per day) and great machines might average 400 or more (12 transactions per day). If you have a mix of locations you’ll see an average of 150 or so across the portfolio.

We’ll use an easy example of 100 transactions at $3.00 and giving the location $1 after the first 50 transactions to ensure you cover your costs. The biggest expense is the ATM itself. We’ll use $2500 for a brand new ATM with taxes and installation and $10 per month for wireless communication services.  Then, you’re going to load $2000 or so in cash but those funds are either in the ATM or in the bank so it’s not really invested cash since you still have immediate access to it in an emergency.  So, the initial investment might be $2500 or $4500 depending on how you look at it.

If you have a location doing 100 transactions at $3 that gives you $300 per month, less the $50 you pay the location for the 50 transactions over 50. That leaves you with $250 less the expense of wireless fees, travel costs to the location (gas, car payment, maintenance, etc), and any costs associated with doing business at that location. Maybe you buy food if it’s a restaurant bar, or get a haircut once a month if it’s a barber (while these are normal things you would probably do, they are considered business expenses) since you want to patronize the stores you do business with.

Let’s say of the $250 in gross income after paying the location you account for $50 per month for other expenses leaving you $200 per month. That same $2500 in the bank would take you 4 years to make the same amount from one ATM a month.  If you average $200 net income each month from one machine you would have essentially paid off your first location in a year.

So, how do you make even more money from your ATM?

Your ATM users might see an ATM as a convenient way to get quick cash; however, some ATM owners are looking to see how they can make an ATM more profitable. Now, if you’re a store owner and an ATM investor and not an IAD (independent ATM deployer) you might look at the ATM as a way to attract more customers to your store.  However, what retailers don’t often realize is that a few simple steps can turn an ATM into an additional money-making vehicle for them making the ATM even more Profitable. If you’re an IAD, these are some of the points you want to talk about with the store owners.

  • Have you ever walked into a store that has an ATM sign in the window but can’t locate the machine once you’re inside? This happens more often then you think. To maximize ATM revenue, make sure customers can easily locate the machine.
  • If you work with convenience stores you know they use every inch of available space to shelve products. This can often make it harder to locate the ATM as they often put it in the back of the store. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase location, location, location in real estate. Well, it doesn’t only apply to houses.
  • The number one step to maximizing revenue and making more money when operating an ATM business is to make sure the ATM in a visible and easily accessible location. The best place is right inside the front doors of the store or near the front of the store at the highest traffic aisle such as the water and soda aisle.
  • Maximize ATM usage by making sure customers have to pass the machine before they shop. If their main purpose wasn’t to come in and get cash, it might trigger them to do so since the machine is so convenient.
  • In a bar, quick service restaurant, brewery, or any place where customers walk up to a counter to plan an order, placing the ATM machine in an area that gets the most foot traffic before the user gets to the ordering area will be most profitable. Typically, this will be the entrance or along the area where customers may line up or congregate to order. Keep in mind that customers have many uses to have a few extra dollars while ordering and after ordering. At a bar — the need for another drink, playing the jukebox, another game of pool, paying for parking, a valet, or a taxi on the way out.
  • Signage is another simple step to maximize revenue. Advertise that you have an ATM located in the establishment. I can’t tell you how many locations don’t say they have an aTM because they think it will create a target. Trust me, criminals will know they have an ATM anyway. The sign is to increase legitimate use. Anyone that thinks a sign is going to invite the criminal won’t maximize revenue.
  • The location of the sign is also important; it must be visible from the street or to passers-by on the sidewalk. Many storefronts, bar windows, liquor stores, and popular convenience locations can be cluttered with lottery posters, sale posters, or neon lights, so placing the sign where it is clearly visible will improve the ATM usage.

ATM owners make money from the convenience fee that is charged (the surcharge); therefore, the more conveniently located your ATM is, the more people will be driven to the machine. Some locations like barbershops, nail salons, ice cream shops, smoke shops, and even some bars & restaurants do not accept credit cards due to the high cost of taking that payment method. Those locations will generate the most ATM revenues.

An ATM owner making a conscious effort with advertising and placement should maximize profits vs ATM owners not doing those things. Smart ATM operators can get their ROI (make money back) “return on investment” much sooner than sometimes anticipated.

There are also many other ways to make your ATM profitable.  From on-screen advertising to dispensing coupons and discounts on the receipt, to complete ATM branding by wrapping the ATM with a custom skin from one advertiser.

  • Put more money in your pocket with advertising on the ATM screen and coupons.  If you have several locations in an area, cross-promoting the stores can also generate more money.
  • Would the barbershop like to advertise or offer a coupon on the ATM you have located a few blocks away at the bar?
  • Would the bar want to advertise on the ATM at the barbershop?
  • While you can set your own pricing for coupons, welcome screens, and processing screens, generally $25 – $30 per month (a buck a day) you can cross-promote and generate additional revenue.

Obviously the nail salon isn’t going to advertise on your brewery ATM, but they might be interested in advertising on the ATM at a coffee shop or the small boutique or that farmers market where their demographics hang out. When thinking about advertising and coupon opportunities, think about the locations you have as well as potential locations that might be interesting candidates for advertising. If you can get advertising interests prior to meeting with a location owner you can even use some of that info to close the deal (I have a barbershop that would let you advertise on there ATM). This can lower your costs of acquiring the location. You can even use advertising funds to secure a good location by offering the location free advertising on another ATM of yours. Present the real value. Advertising is a great incentive.

One of the simple ways to increase profits is to load the ATM with 10’s instead of 20’s in some locations. This lowers the average withdrawal amount, often increases transactions, and reduces funds needed in the ATM.

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