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What is the Cost of Downtime for Your ATM Business?

The cost of downtime varies from business to business. It really depends on how much you make and how much it costs you to operate your business. Because those bills are coming, whether your machine is up and running or not. And if you can’t service your customers, then you can’t make money. Some downtime […]

ATM Insurance—Do You Need It?

ATM insurance is not legally required, but it is an inexpensive way to protect yourself against expensive accidents and other mishaps. Since your ATM machine is not owned by a bank, you are not subject to FDIC protection. While you can get ATM business-specific insurance, you don’t have to. A general liability policy might be […]

9 Motivating Factors for ATM Business Entrepreneurs

Motivating factors are those reasons why we do, well, anything. Specifically, though, motivating factors are important to consider when it comes to motivating yourself (or your team) to keep working hard! Remember when you eagerly quit your day job to pursue your career as an IAD? Now, if only you could operate your ATM business […]

3 Major Benefits of ATM Machines in Your Businesses

If you own a store or other business, you might wonder what benefits of ATM machines you could reap. If you haven’t wondered about this, you should. In this article, we cover 3 major benefits of ATM machines to store owners. However, you will find that each major benefit breaks down into so many different […]