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Welcome Screen

Great for hotels, restaurants, breweries or any location that wants to enhance their brand recognition. Why not put your company logo front center on the ATM so you can reinforce your brand awareness?

  • Very eye catching
  • Noticeable from a distance
  • Reinforces your brand

Transaction Screen

This screen is only visible during a customer transaction such as a withdrawal, balance inquiry, or funds transfer.  Great for any location. Use for promotions, specials, reminders, or anything you want to communicate to your captive audience using the ATM. Your customers are using the ATM and are reading the screen to follow the instructions. Everyone that uses the ATM will see this screen. 

  • Your customer is engaged and will read these screens.
  • Promote a product
  • Promote a special
  • Advertise the ATM business if you’re an IAD

Advertising Screen

Perfect for directing the customers attention to a product you sell. Advertising screens can be used to promote merchandise, company logo, menu items, or a promotion or special to help generate additional sales.

Coupon Screen

Our best seller. It’s used to offer a discount or to promote current specials running in local advertising. Great for a car wash, menu item, merchandise or anything. Coupons can upsell customers, offer discounts when something else is purchased, or to bring customers back. Coupons can have transaction dates, can expire in any amount of time you determine, or only valid on their next visit. The coupon screen is often combined with a printed coupon that offers your customers something of value for using the ATM. Talk to use about how you can best take advantage of this amazing opportunity already built into your ATM.

Security Screen

Reminds patrons that you have an alarm system or additional security. It never hurts to add protection to your ATM with a screen that says “Location is under 24 hour surveillance” or “Smile you’re on Camera” or “This ATM protected by a Big Vicious Dog. Tampering with this ATM will wake him up and he gets upset when he loses his beauty rest”.