Getting Your ATM Business Ready for the Holidays

How To Keep Shoppers Happy During the Holiday Season:

Santa Claus ATMIn 2012, the average holiday shopper spent over $800 on gifts for the holiday season. With this time of year quickly approaching, the spending season will be upon us once again. With thanks to your ATM business, you are about to reap the rewards of giving customers the convenience of having cash in hand with the swipe of a card.

Of course, to reap these rewards you will need to be sure to stock your machine and keep a close eye on your ATM’s transactions using your web access. It’s important to make sure your ATM doesn’t run out of money because being out of cash means that you’re out of business. Read more

Can I Rent an ATM or the Space?

ATM Placements or Rent an ATM?

Getting in on theATM for Rent Sign thriving business of owning an ATM is a great opportunity, but what if you’re not ready to invest $2,000 to $5,000 in your own machine? Maybe you just need an ATM for special event or you want to get a taste for the business without making a big commitment. Perhaps the flexibility of a month to month investment  or a partnership would be much easier for you to commit to. If this sounds like you, then renting an ATM machine might be the way to go. Read more