How Much Can an ATM Machine Make

Surcharge Income Example

  • Surcharge Amount – $2.00
  • Your income per use – $2.10
  • 5 uses per day – $10.50
  • 30 days – $315.00
  • 12 months $3780.00

ATM Business Owner Handbook –
How Much Can an ATM Machine Make?

The ATM Business Owner HandbookHow much you can earn in the ATM Business depends on where the ATM is located and if it is needed. The main thing to remember about the ATM Business is that it’s just like real estate. Location, Location, Location.

ATM’s can be installed anywhere in the USA. Inside or outside any retail merchant location including but not limited to Restaurants, liquor stores, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, quick service restaurants, casual dining, bars, night clubs, train stations, football or baseball stadiums, concert venues, adult themed locations, Hotels, Hospitals, Condo complexes, Apartment Complex, High Rise Apartment Buildings, coffee carts, mobile events, mounted in trailers, mounted on the back of food trucks, you name it. Anywhere people need access to cash, an ATM can make you a passive income.

If you answer yes to any of these, you can make money in the ATM Business.

  • I’m a retail merchant looking to increase profits.
  • I’m an entrepreneur looking for a new business opportunity.
  • I’m an investor looking to diversify and maximize annual returns.
  • I already operate an ATM Business and I want to put more money in my pocket.
  • I’m an individual looking to make some passive income and would like information about the ATM Business.
  • I’m an individual, business owner, or part of a group that has locations that need ATMs.

How much can an ATM make?

Well, It’s all about foot traffic, a reason to need money, and other available payment methods. Sometimes just having a lot of people walk by or see the ATM can mean the difference between a good location and a great location.


The ATM Industry has a “rule of thumb” formula that many Independent ATM Deployers “IADs” use as a general rule to determine if a location would be a good candidate for an ATM machine. There are two different schools of thought on this rule, and obviously since there are many unknown variables, no location is a guarantee using these formulas but it’s better than a WAG (wild ass guess).

  • The first rule of thumb, or formula says that 3 – 5% of people that actually see an ATM machine in an establishment will likely use the ATM. Say for example, your location has an average of 200 customers visiting each day. One would expect, or speculate that approximately 8 of those 200 people would  use that ATM daily.
    • You could then take those 8 people, multiply it by the amount of surcharge, then take that figure and multiply it by the number of days of business (how many day’s the location is open) in the year. This will give an ATM owner, or perspective owner, an estimate on how much revenue could be generated from the machine in a year’s time.
  • However, most ATM business owners want to calculate monthly revenue and income.
  • The 2nd rule of thumb follows the norm that the number of adult patrons an establishment has in a given day, that same number plus or minus 10% will use the ATM on a monthly basis. I prefer this rule of thumb and if the establishment accepts credit cards or gives cash back at the point of sale (POS), the lower end of the rule would apply and it might even reduce the number by as much as 20% – 40%.
  • A similar formula is used for hotels or big commercial buildings.  With hotels, we take the number of rooms, times the occupancy rate and apply the same plus or minus 10% rule.  So if the hotel has 150 rooms with an 80% occupancy rate one might expect 110 – 135 monthly transactions, however if the hotel has any events or banquet rooms, that number would scale higher during those times.
    • Similarly with commercial buildings (office building for example) you might take the total number of employees working in the building and using the yearly formula based on how many days a year the companies occupying the building are open. If there is a cafe or for profit cafeteria in the building the estimates would be higher.

Passive Income ATM BusinessThink about it this way. Some of the best locations are where there is a high need for cash and no credit cards are accepted.  Swap meets, events, and street fairs, are all great but very temporary. That would be a mobile ATM business which we can also show you how to operate.

We’ll try to boil this down and make it simple. At the very least, if you’re a retail merchant, and you don’t already own an ATM, you could purchase the hardware from anyone (even from us) and once you set up the ATM processing it should at least pay for itself in as little as a few months.

You’ll also need a communication method so the ATM can talk to our processing center. You can choose from a dedicated standard phone line (but since it calls a toll free or local number you’ll just have the cost of the line, no tolls), Internet Service (if you have a high speed model or DLS with a router, you can hard-wire the ATM to your current internet), or you can choose our wireless cellular service which is often less expensive than a phone line and lightening fast.

With the advent of VoIP and certain devices if you have a computer close to the ATM you could potentially use a Magic Jack or other device as long as the ATM can hear a dial tone or pre-dial to get a tone (like dialing a 9, although not as reliable, it would still work). However, intermittent communications can cause more problems that they save you. If there is an issue with communications, transactions could be slow or worse they could be interrupted and customers would not receive money from the ATM getting upset.

If you have a fast internet connection and you purchase one of the new ATMs which includes internet processing, or get a separate wireless device ATMDepot can handle the rest for you. In order of ranking communications as far as ease, cost, and reliability.

  1. Wireless Device is preferred and is the most reliable.
  2. Next would be your own Internet service with a hard wire to the ATM Machine.
  3. Lastly, a standard Dial up Phone line, but this method causes the most communication issues.

If you don’t have an ATM or are considering getting into the ATM business to earn some extra cash or a passive income, you just need to be sure that a minimum of at least 3 – 4 people per day would use the ATM every day (if available 7 days per week).

Obviously if you’re a retailer and are open 10 hours a day that’s just one person using the ATM every few hours. If you’re considering a through the wall machine that faces outside it will be available 24 hours a day but those machines need at least 8 – 10 people per day to make financial sense.

If you already have an ATM or are already in the ATM business and are looking to switch your ATM processing services (you need to check your current ATM agreement for termination clause) you could take advantage of our higher revenue sharing without any costs to you and put more money in your pocket.

If you don’t have an ATM, you can review our ATM Machine equipment options or call us for advice.

Let’s say for example you purchase the new Hyosung Halo. You  can install it yourself, but we recommend you let us arrange to have a professional install it and train your staff. This ATM can use wireless communications technology which is under $20/mo so no phone line is required.

We also have a Triton ATM for under $2,500 and carry the full line of Hantle and Genmega ATMs. You will probably invest between $2,250 – $3,500 in good ATM machine by the time you’re done with professional installation, signs, or anything else extra you may want for your ATM Business.
Surcharge Income – Example


Surcharge Amount: $2.50
Your gross income per use: $2.60
3 uses per day: $7.80
30 days: $234.00
365 Days: $2,847.00 (Approx 10 Month ROI).
Surcharge Amount: $2.95
Your income per use: $3.10
10 uses per day: $31.00
30 days: $930.00
365 Days: $11,315 (Approx 90 Day ROI)

Your income per use is typically equal to or greater than what you charge since ATMDepot shares the back-end interchange based on your ATM Usage. Note that some networks charge fees when there is a surcharge and interchange paid. ATMDepot’s processing center using priority routing to ensure you earn the most income and avoid fees whenever possible based on your ATM cardholders (users) ATM cards and banking relationships.

Even if your ATM is only used three (3) times a day and you charged $2.50 (typical US average), it would only take 10 months to pay for itself (10 month ROI) depending on the model of ATM your purchased.

Once the ATM is paid off, your only cost is wireless communications which is typically less than $0.69 per day (unless you use your own internet), the rest is pure profit.

If you have a good traffic location or install an outside ATM, you could easily reach 20 – 25 transactions per day. Then the machine would pay for itself in less than 60 days. We have many locations that pay for cost of the ATM in one month. Try our ATM profit calculator, and see your income projections.

According to a study as listed in an Associated Press News story, more than 85% of people ages 18 and older have an ATM card. If you’re a retailer and don’t already have an ATM you should definitely consider installing an ATM machine in your business today.

Are you a business that offers services to merchants (retailers, hotels, hospitals)?

How about a business consultant, a vending machine operator, or a Coin Op business?

Are you the type of individual that likes residual based income streams and a passive income?

Why not call us at 888-959-2269 today or complete the form to the right to get more information about the ATM business.

Almost everyone in the USA over the age of 18 that has a bank account carries an ATM card. Everyone needs cash and most need it daily. There’s more money in ATMs than you think. Checkout the benefits of Owning and Operating an ATM Machine and let us Put More Money in Your Pocket.

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