Genmega ATM Equipment

get_startedGenmega ATMs were first introduced in 2006. Genmega is located in Fremont California and offers various types of ATM Equipment and transactional kiosks. Their goal is manufacturing high quality reliable equipment and we’ve seen the results in the newest GT3000.

With tens of thousands of ATMs and components deployed, and a staff of engineers, developers and technicians with decades of ATM experience, Genmega knows that reliable ATM equipment is critical to operating your business.

The Genmega GT3000 series through-the-wall ATM is designed and intended as a true through-the-wall machine, the GT3000 retains all the features and  options of a retail floor model ATM in a small, compact weather resistant chassis, perfect for tight spaces, Kiosks or anywhere location space is valuable.

Genmega has deployed more than 50,000 units worldwide. Their ATM equipment is built with cutting edge engineering and integration. is proud to offer the Genmega line of ATM’s and more specifically we really like the new Through-the-wall GT3000.

ATM Depot carries the full line of Genmega ATM Machines.

Genmega G2500 ATM